Introduction : 

Digital media play a major role in society nowadays since the invention of the Internet in the 1990s. Since then, there has been a considerably change in the way society reflects to this communication media.  Currently, printed media is no longer a single power in presenting information to audience. Undoubtedly, mutual interaction between media producer and audience is one of mandatory aspects in sharing information. Audience plays an important role in circulating the media content or information to the hands of billions of people. On the one hand, it seems that citizen journalism is very popular in focusing on the current issues in society such as politics, economy, religion, education and culture.  Therefore, there is an emergence of what so called media convergence or multimedia information publication.

In addition, transformation from analog data to digital data has grown in the work of photography, graphic design as well as printing industry.  A big change is found in the shortening and rapidness of printing process. Human skills are no longer needed and are replaced with highly technical and complex printing machines. Besides, a number of software on design realm is available which enable businessmen/designers to design indoor and outdoor media and print them out more effectively.

The present of new media and its impact in printing business development especially about reducing of labors/workers is also need to be addressed. There is a need to explore other similar problems such as to what extent the limit of ethic, royalty issues as well as privacy issues in new media or digital media. There is also a need to know the alternative strategy to maximize business in new media sector in order to gain more profit and to be safe in terms of its legal issues. These problems are need to be discussed and if some of you have any idea or research findings  regarding those issues, please join this event by sending your abstract.